Summer Program/Internship

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 Summer internship. Please check back from time to time for future opportunities!

What Benefits Do Students Gain From Participating In EPIC’S Summer Internship Program?

The benefits include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Students will be taught the art of conveying their challenges related to academics, peer relationships, family, or other life scenarios, and leveraging these experiences positively. Under the mentorship of EPIC researchers, students will create a multimedia narrative struggle story,  and discover their new and great potential in turning their struggles into successes.
  • Students will have multiple opportunities to participate in research projects of our faculty, lab members, and doctoral students, including:
    1. The Psychology of Storytelling: The Impact of Narrating Failures
    2. The Effects of Failure Disclosure on Motivation
    3. The Impact of Different Types of Expectations 
    4. The Relationship between Confidence and Performance
  • Students will learn about cutting-edge research in the field of cognitive science and psychology by participating in and analyzing  groundbreaking experiments. Foundational concepts and classical psychology experiments will be introduced in our online workshop to help develop a better understanding of human behavior and motivation.
  • Participants of this program will be some of the first to learn about novel research conducted at EPIC including projects that include original interviews of Nobel Laureates and exceptional athletes who have shared their wisdom on how to interpret and overcome hardship on their way to success. Knowledge gained in this internship will benefit students’ studies and lives. In this internship, students will be able to closely observe how researchers collect, organize, and analyze data. These skills are crucial to students’ high school and college academic success regardless of what major the students choose to pursue in the future.
  • Students will also have opportunities to interact with peers and make new friends through interactive online workshops.
  • Participation in our internship program will count for up to 30 hours of community service. We will provide students with a certificate for completing the research internship and students will be responsible for verifying the hours with their schools.


Program Duration:

  • July 8 – July 29



  • This is a remote internship. Meetings will be conducted through Zoom.



  • 30 hours in total
  • Synchronous Zoom meeting at least two times per week. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We welcome high school students in grades 9-11 around the world to apply for the program. The admission is not based on academic merits, but on your interests and commitment to improving yourselves.

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible due to the limited spots in our program. You can apply via the application form.

EPIC Summer Internship Program is from July 8 to July 29.

There is no application fee. 

Yes, it is a fully virtual program. Our weekly meetings will be hosted via Zoom.

Please refer to the section “What Benefits Do Students Gain From Participating In EPIC’S Summer Internship Program?” on this website.

You will be expected to work for a total of 30 hours on various projects.

Yes, your parents/guardians need to sign the program consent forms before you can officially start the program.
If you decide to join the program, we need one of your parents/guardians to sign a consent form.

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